2018 Introductory Seminar

“How much life-saving self-defence
can YOU learn in 3 hours?”


Train in Krav Maga
– the worlds most effective and practical self-defence system!


⇒ Have you wanted to try Krav Maga and see what the fuss is about?

⇒ Are you unsure what to expect from regular training and want to “try” before you commit to regular training?


Do you want to learn a highly effective and real world self defense system?

And there’s no better way to do that than through our one-off 3-hour “New Year Introductory Seminar”! This will give you a risk free introduction to Krav Maga. It will also give you life saving self defense skills!

It will be held on Saturday 13th January 2018!

From 1pm to 4pm at St Vincent de Paul Primary School Hall – 92-114 Woodland Street, Strathmore

Usually a seminar like this would be $75, but for limited number (20 people), it will be $47.

Plus you will receive a FREE Training shirt valued at $35!

GRAB IT NOW! It is limited to 20 spots only!!

This seminar includes:

◊ 3 hours of life-saving self-defence skills

◊ FREE training shirt

◊ Expert guidance and motivation

“How much life-saving self-defence
can YOU learn in 3 hours?”

See what people are saying…

Hard to see how I could go back to other fighting styles when you experience how “real world” Krav Maga is. It also challenges you physically like not other martial arts, also important in a fighting situation

Sven M. – Surveyor

Awesome! One of the best choices I have made in my life! Whenever it gets hard you have friendly and professional staff to help or push you that bit further. Add that to an awesome bunch of people who are great to be around and make it less like a hard work session and more like a time hanging out with friends and it’s even better when we have social events

Tom M. – University Student


Q: “Do I have to be in good shape to start?”

Absolutely not! Come in whatever shape you’re in. If you’re not in great shape – our classes will greatly improve your physical condition. If you are, then we’ll help you stay in shape, and probably get in even better shape, too.

Q: “What should I do if I have a medical condition?”

If you have a medical condition, a past injury that required surgery and still troubles you from time to time, or anything else that may be of concern… Please speak to a medical professional before joining our classes.

Chances are you’ll be more than able to come and enjoy learning Krav Maga. But there may be certain exercises that you’ll have to take it slow on. Just let us know what your doctor says!

Q: “Are these classes violent? Can I get hurt?”

People often associate Krav Maga with violence. After all, you’re learning self-defence techniques. However, there’s a big difference between self-defence and violence. Self-defence means you seek a peaceful way of life, only defending yourself is you absolutely have to.

Violence means seeking out hostile situations.

While injury is possible with any form of exercise – we’re proud to say that injuries are very rare here. We go to extreme lengths to make sure you learn Krav Maga in a safe, effective way.

Q: “Are these classes fun? Serious? Strict? Etc.?”

All of the above! Every class ranges from fun & light-hearted, to focused and serious. We’ve found that a good balance of both provides the most enjoyable and effective learning environment.

“How much life-saving self-defence
can YOU learn in 3 hours?”

 There is a 100% guarantee, that if you are not happy with the seminar we will refund you the $47! Plus you can keep the training shirt.