Adults Krav Maga Classes

Are You Able and Prepared to Protect Yourself and Your Family in a Violent Confrontation?

Why Train Krav Maga:

  • Gain Confidence – learn the most effective and proven self-defence system in the world.
  • Get Fit – our classes will get you moving and burning calories.
  • Stress Relief – have some time for yourself, and if you’ve had a bad day, you can take it out on the pads!
  • Learn Fast – Krav Maga is very simple to learn. Get the skills you need to become safer NOW.  You don’t have to train for years to be proficient.


Training in a group can be beneficial on a number of levels. The reality of today’s society is that you are more likely to be attacked by multiple people than by a single offender in a confrontation. Dealing with multiple attackers is a key element of Krav Maga that we practice constantly.

Take the next step and make a positive change for your safety today.

What are you waiting for?