Testimonial Masonry Grid

  • Benson was patient with me, always had time to answer my questions and was able to explain things to me in a way to ensure I understood them. Benson was also helpful in supporting me to improve my fitness, always giving me challenging workouts.

    Angela HenrySocial Worker
  • Ben is an excellent teacher both in a groups and one on one, he takes the time to understand me and my goals and ensures I got the most from every lesson! He has a very calm way of encouraging you and explaining things and always makes it fun.

    MellissaBusiness Change Leader
  • My journey with Krav Maga under the skill and amazing teachings of Benson has been an amazing one. His support and encouragement and incredible ability to build quick rapport with people means that you learn quickly and are soon inspired to be the best you can be.

    Rachel ThomasRegistered Nurse