Steve Batiste – Electrician 

I have been training for 4yrs and started in Brisbane with Benson at InDefence Krav Maga. I chose Krav Maga after looking around at other martial arts and finding none of them offer real life skills, they were sport based and I wasn’t interested in competition based training, I wanted something that would work outside the gym not just inside it.

First off it has made me so much more fitter, I had a base level of fitness before but Krav Maga really helped lift me to the next level. I’m now more aware of my surroundings and because of the the skills I’ve been taught I’m a lot more confident too. I also feel a lot safer, just learning the basics made me realise I don’t need to rely on others and the more I train the better I get and the safer I feel.

As an instructor Benson is one of the best. He really cares about the people he teaches and is always pushing me to be at my best. Sometimes it takes me a little longer than others to learn new things but Benson happy to take his time with me and make sure I understood everything.

As a person he has become a great friend as well as a great teacher. He’s always willing to help and is always smiling :). He loves what he does with passion.

For me Benson and Tenacity Krav Maga are one of the best, if you’re serious about your safety and fitness this is where you should be. Drop in and say hi, it will be the best thing you ever do!


Deon Conradie – Finance Manager

I started my Krav Maga journey in Perth, and moved to Brisbane few months later in April 2014. That is when I joined InDefence and met Benson. I have been training with InDefence ever since, and qualified as a KMG Civilian Instructor in 2016.

Coming from a country where everyday violence is unfortunately a reality, I tried a few martial arts to gain self defence skills. However, I was instantly hooked when I tried Krav Maga – the no-nonsense practical approach was exactly what I was looking for!

Apart from taking me to new levels of personal fitness, Krav Maga helped me gain confidence in my day to day life. I realise I am much more aware, and definitely feel safer and more capable to protect myself and loved ones.

Benson has been an integral part of my journey with Indefence, and helped me from starting as an inexperienced student to qualifying as a civilian instructor in 2016. Apart from Benson’s technical knowledge and advanced skills, he really cares about the students, and makes an effort to bring out the best in each student. His encouragement and guidance really made a difference for me.

Benson is well organized, with good people skills and his relaxed but professional attitude makes it fun to train with him.

Training with Tenacity Krav Maga under the guidance of Benson ensures you will train with one of the most progressive Krav Maga associations in the world (KMG), whilst gaining practical and effective self defence skills, increasing your fitness and have fun doing it.

Rachel Thomas – Registered Nurse

Investing in your health and safety goes hand in hand in life and trusting Benson with both of these was always one of the best choices I’ve made in life.

My journey with Krav Maga under the skill and amazing teachings of Benson has been an amazing one. His support and encouragement and incredible ability to build quick rapport with people means that you learn quickly and are soon inspired to be the best you can be.

Under the expert Instruction of Benson I feel lucky and know I’ve made the right choice as a Registered Nurse in learning Krav Maga. In turn I’ve made a solid investment in my own personal safety and in effect, loved ones safety as well.

Mellisa – Business Change Leader

I decided to try Krav Maga after I had a small scare walking home at night, I realised I knew very little about managing my safety and had no self-defence skills! Learning Krav Maga is probably the best decision I’ve ever made, it’s helped me to become confident, fit and just a little bit bad ass!

Ben was my instructor for over 2 years at InDefence and I still make time for a private lesson with him when-ever I am in Melbourne. He’s been a massive influence in Krav Maga journey and even helped me in my final preparations for a recent grading.

Ben is an excellent teacher both in a groups and one on one, he takes the time to understand me and my goals and ensures I got the most from every lesson! He has a very calm way of encouraging you and explaining things and always makes it fun.

I highly recommend booking some time with Ben, you won’t regret it!

Angela Henry – Social Worker

Krav Maga is an amazing self-defence system that has been a rewarding addition to my life. Krav Maga has improved my fitness, my confidence, and it has created exciting challenges AND it has been lots of fun.

I was lucky to have met Benson when I started training in Brisbane over 2 years ago. Benson is an awesome instructor as he explained the technical side of Krav Maga techniques, giving me great foundation in the skills as I progress to higher levels of training. Benson was patient with me, always had time to answer my questions and was able to explain things to me in a way to ensure I understood them. Benson was also helpful in supporting me to improve my fitness, always giving me challenging workouts.

Melbourne is lucky to have such a dedicated instructor. I highly recommend Benson as a Krav Maga instructor as the lessons I have learnt from him have been indispensable.